Xerox Green Material Design & Engineering

We are committed to maximizing sustainability and environmental responsibility in all of our materials and processes. With years of experience in the design of sustainable materials and processes, we have a proven track record in optimizing synthetic pathways and chemical processes to minimize environmental impact.

Materials Expertise

  • Bio-renewable reactants, catalysts, and solvents
  • Recycled materials as feedstocks
  • Long life materials
  • Functional materials operating with low energy input
  • Low energy particle synthesis

Process Technologies

  • Solvent-free dispersion and polymerization processes
  • Solvent-free reactions and electronic material purification
  • Continuous-flow chemistry
  • Sustainable purification technology

Green Success Stories

EA-Eco Toner

EA-Eco is an ultra-low-melt toner designed for Xerox office and production printers. Its rounded shape and small particle size provide colourful, high-gloss images using 40% less toner per printed page than conventional toners, while its novel low-melt resin design reduces energy consumption in the printing process.

Solid Ink Technology

Xerox wax-based solid ink comes in a cartridge-free format, reducing landfill waste by 90% compared to laser printing. The ink itself contains 30% bio-renewable materials.

Long Life Components

We led the re-design of the imaging drum coatings used in Xerox printers, which dramatically improved drum life, changing it from a consumable item to a life-of-machine component.

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