The Association of University Research Parks Advocates


What IS a research park, anyway?

Research parks have…

  • A master development plan
  • An incubation or acceleration centre
  • A collaboration agreement with an affiliated university
  • A role in promoting technology-led economic development


AURP Canada

  • There are 26 Research and Technology Parks across Canada
  • These parks house 1400 companies
  • AURP wants to improve the sustainability of Canadian research parks
  • To support the development of knowledge-based SMEs
  • To encourage the development and growth of accelerators
  • To grow the knowledge industry across Canada
  • To collaborate with key members of Canada’s innovation ecosystem
  • The growth of R&T parks will help Canada improve its global competitiveness
  • We help companies get to the next level


What do R & T Parks do for Canada?

  • We Grow Canada’s GDP by $2 million annually
  • We enhance Canada’s position in the global knowledge economy


What do R & T Parks do for companies?

  • Source of knowledge and talent
  • Facilitate Research and Development



  • R&T Parks cover every region and industry in Canada
  • Parks are close to Canada’s top STEM Universities


Economic Impact of R & T Parks

  • Almost half of the companies at R&T parks export
  • 1/3 of the employees have an advanced degree (Masters or PhD).
  • R & T parks help Canada’s knowledge economy


How to Improve the Sheridan Parks Association

  • The City of Mississauga awaits our initiative for change and growth
  • We need to sell or develop our 80 acres
  • We need to collaborate with our local University (the University of Toronto Mississauga) for Sci & Tech development initiatives
  • We need to preserve the park’s clean, spacious, campus-like
  • We need to connect with provincial or federal government Sci & Tech Funding Agencies